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Poe is not a bad person. But he has watched bad things happen. He is an undertaker in late 19th century London, where he has witnessed suffering, brutality, and murder. And his best friend is a serial killer.

While walking along the River Thames one night, he is overtaken by a sinister looking fog. He feels the fog searing into his skin, ripping the flesh from the left side of his face.

After passing out for several hours, Poe awakens near a crime scene. The murder of a young boy has taken place and, to his surprise, the body comes to life and begins speaking to him.

The teenage boy tells Poe that he was murdered by an old woman. Poe needs to find this woman in the next two days and bring her to justice. If he does not complete the task, Poe himself will wither away and die. The young boy convinces Poe by touching his left hand to remove the flesh from his bone.

Poe begins his investigation by examining the body for clues. As an undertaker, he has experience determining cause of death. He questions each person at the crime scene to provide him with the lead he needs to advance the case.

Poe will meet many other murder victims throughout London who wish to have their deaths avenged. Before he can be released from his curse, he will need to solve these murders—some from years past, some that take place in the 21st century. The clock is always ticking and, as time passes, the flesh slowly disappears from his body. If he succeeds, the flesh is restored, and he can move on to his next job. If he fails, he dies, living the rest of his life in the true London Underground.

This will be an episodic adventure game, wherein the player is given a variety of leads to pursue in order to solve the murder. Clues at the crime scene are analyzed, allowing the player to move forward. Like a true detective, they will compare stories given by multiple witnesses and separate the truth from the lies. They will also decide how best to gather facts in such a short amount of time. Given Poe’s survival instincts and his questionable moral code, the player will determine how far down into London’s underbelly they wish to travel to save their soul. Click here to review the game design pillars.