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Each episode follows a specific storyline, wherein Poe meets a new murder victim in a different part of London. There are a variety of interconnected witnesses and suspects.


The characters are well developed with a rich backstory. Their purpose is to guide Poe through the investigation. The story is initiated when the murder victim tells Poe what they remember about the event and which characters Poe should question. Some characters will lie to Poe or misdirect him.


Poe will need to collect clues at the crime scene and the London locations where he meets new characters. Characters will often mention clues in conversation that Poe needs to gather or, in some cases, retrieve for them.


Poe is free to explore the open world setting to meet characters and find clues that will further his investigation. Speaking with certain characters or finding items early can shorten gameplay.


The player decides how best to solve the murder. Because Poe keeps a record of suspects and clues, the player decides which lead to pursue and how to attain a confession. If this means Poe needs to twist the words of a witness or plant evidence, it’s the player’s choice.


If Poe does not solve a murder in the designated amount of time, he will die. With each passing hour of the game, his body decays, which the player can regularly track.