Bae knows she’s outstanding, so that’s like one less thing for her to think about. She’s a mystical creature whose sole purpose is to support others. The problem is she’s not exactly a people person. She finds people can often complicate things that are actually quite simple. For example, Bae was born without hind legs. She doesn’t spend too much time thinking about it, until people bring it up.


People will often ask Bae, “Where are your hind legs?” To which she responds, “Hard to say. It’s been a tough week.” People also ask her, “Are you missing your legs?” And she will say, “Not really. We weren’t that close.”


But probably the most difficult thing about people is that they’re always asking Bae for help. Just because it’s her life’s purpose. Bae can have somebody knocking at her door--usually right before bed--begging her to help with some major problem, and all she wants to do is reread the Twilight series. (She read it once like 10 years ago and has always wanted to give it another go.) But when you have to help some rando destroy the Temple of Eternal Servitude, fold in spacetime to reveal cosmic answers, or track down an ex-boyfriend, you have to put everything else aside. And that can get a little frustrating.


Bae’s adventures have the potential to work as a mobile video game or a series of animated shorts. As a mobile game, it would be an episodic adventure, wherein the player would be presented with a quest by one of Bae’s neighbors. The quests would vary in time, purpose, and—above all else—absurdity. In one episode, Bae will be tasked with bringing peace to two warring clans, in another she will inspire a goblin to complete his autobiography. Shorter episodes will have Bae practicing improv and getting her hair colored. Depending on the amount of time the player has for gameplay, they could decide which quest to take up at a given time.

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The animated shorts would pull from this episode content, expanding on the characters and storyline. For example, in a 15-minute format, Bae would get to know the warring Veritas and Praxi Clans, act as a go-between, then help them reach an understanding. Episodes with lower stakes, such as when Bae practices improv, would be developed into a more personal and imaginary style of storytelling. Bae would use the open nature of improv to imagine herself in different scenarios, playing out important moments from her life.